Orchestra Grading Policy
The total marking period grade is divided into three main parts:

Rehearsal Participation Grade = 20%
The rehearsal grade is based upon the quality of the student’s participation in the orchestra rehearsal.

Student begins each quarter with 100% for this portion of their marking period grade. It will remain this way unless the following reductions are encountered for each rehearsal:
  • Poor participation due to disruptive behavior, excessive talking, or inattentiveness.
  • Without instrument. If the instrument is in a repair shop the student should have a note.
  • Without folder or pencil. If a folder or music is lost the student can get replacement music before school to avoid this penalty.
  • Chewing gum or bringing food and drink into orchestra room. This can ruin instruments and equipment. Chewing affects a player's timing.
  • Poor rehearsal preparation. At each rehearsal students will be asked to prepare specific short excerpts of orchestra music or excercises that are essential for the success of the next rehearsal.

Lesson Grade = 60%
Instrumental group lessons are the backbone of our music program where students learn to play their instrument. The lesson grade is based upon the preparation of assigned materials. At each lesson students will be assigned scales, music and exercises to practice. They are expected to keep a record of these assignments on the assignment sheet I have provided and to practice 4-5 times weekly for 20-30 minutes each day.

All missed lessons must be made up during extra help hours, or on the last half of a lunch period. Missed lessons must be made up before the next lesson. Students may miss a scheduled lesson without penalty if they are absent from school or for any of the reasons listed on the district's lesson policy.
  • An excused absence from a lesson can be made up for full credit.
  • A student's preparation and performance in a lesson are assessed for a grade. Any missed lessons must be made up.  Students may make up a maximum of three missed lessons per marking period and will not receive credit for further missed lessons. Any unexcused lesson absence may be made up for a maximum of 75% credit.

Performance Grade = 20%

  • A Concert Absence will result in a loss of the entire 20% of the performance grade. The team suffers when any member is missing. Only illness or a family emergency is accepted as an excuse and a parental note must be provided. A call to the main office or e-mail to Mr. Vedric with as much advance notice as possible would be helpful.
  • There will be a series of playing tests/assessments given throughout the year, which will be averaged in to the performance grade.